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"Acquerello italiano", the audiomagazine for intermediate to advanced speakers of Italian and those interested in Italian lifestyle, culture and travel.

Produced six times a year in Rome, "Acquerello italiano" showcases the vitality and style of contemporary Italy. Recent issues include features on the sculpture collection of the Palazzo Altemps, Roman Jewish cuisine, and Seborga, a small principality in Liguria that wants to break away from Italy. Another key highlight is host Lao Petrilli’s interview with controversial Benetton fashion photographer Oliviero Toscani about his daring advertising campaigns.

A booklet containing a word-for-word transcript and an extensive glossary accompanies the audio component. In addition to translations into English of difficult words and phrases, the glossaries contain extensive biographical, historical, political and cultural notes prepared by experienced editors, many of whom also write for some of the world's most prestigious newspapers and magazines. An optional study supplement with listening exercises and grammar drills is also available in each issue.

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