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The Glass Key Books

"Woodrell, Daniel": Under the Bright Lights "Updike, John": Rabbit Redux "Deighton, Len": Yesterday's Spy
"Monteilhet, Hubert": Dead Copy. Murder at the Frankfurt Book Fair "Lewis, C. Day": Collected Poems 1929-1933 "Dibdin, Michael": Dirty Tricks
Firenzuola: Tales of Firenzuola "Barrie, J. M.": Margaret Ogilvy "von Brentano, Clemens": Das Marchen von Fanferlieschen Schonefussche
"Haley, Richard": Thoroughfare of Stones "Rhea, Nicholas": Suspect "Sinclair, Clive": Blood Libels
"Kavanagh, Dan (Julian Barnes)": Going to the Dogs "Mottram, R. H.": Europa's Beast "Macaulay, Rose": Catchwords and Claptrap: The Hogarth Essays Second Series
"Caudwell, Christopher": Poems "Lewis, Jon E. (Ed)": Red Handed "Macdonald, Ross": The Goodbye Look
"Moorcock, Michael": The Condition of Muzak: A Jerry Cornelius Novel "Cabrera Infante, Guillermo": Mea Cuba "Willard, Nancy": The Lively Anatomy of God
"Theroux, Alexander": Darconville's Cat "Hollo, Anselm": The Coherences "Manning, Hugo": The Secret Sea
"Williams, Jonathan": Imaginery Postcards "Barker, George": At Thurgarton Church "Hirschman, Jack": Black Alephs. Poems 1960 - 1968
"Baxt, George": I! Said the Demon "Conrad, Joseph": Chance "George, Elizabeth": Deception on his Mind
"Blunden, Edmund": Near and Far. New Poems "Benveniste, Asa & Hirschman, Jack": A Word in Your Season "Tarn, Nathaniel": October
"Raworth, Tom": The Big Green Day "Hollo, Anselm": Alembic "Cole, Barry": Vanessa in the City
"Benveniste, Asa": Poems of the Mouth "Berke, Roberta Elzey": Sphere of Light "Meltzer, David": Yesod
"Keys, John": Hammersmith Poems "Wells, H. G.": New Worlds for Old "Pears, Iain": An Instance of the Fingerpost
"Spark, Muriel": The Abbess of Crewe "Marley, Brian": Springtime in the Rockies "Vine, Barbara": The Chimney Sweeper's Boy
"Hill, Reginald": On Beulah Height "Gosling, Paula": The Wychford Murders "Theroux, Paul": The Family Arsenal
"Theroux, Paul": Picture Palace "Grafton, Sue": N is for Noose "Francis, Dick": Bolt
"Gardner, Erle Stanley": The Case of the Glamorous Ghost "Sismondi, J. C. L.": History of the Italian Republics in the Middle Ages "Litchfield, Frederick": How to Collect Old Furniture
"By the author of ""Our Queen"", etc": Life of General Gordon "Lermontoff, Michael": The Demon: A Poem "Petit, Chris": Back from the Dead
"White, Patrick": The Twyborn Affair "Theroux, Paul": Doctor Slaughter "Smith, Nowell Charles (Ed)": The Poems of William Wordsworth
"Hill, Reginald": The Wood Beyond "Pritchett, V. S.": On the Edge of the Cliff and Other Stories "Marley, Brian and Asa Benveniste": Dense Lens
"MacKenzie, Donald": Dangerous Silence "Tyson, Ian": The Life and Times of Baby Woojams "Ackroyd, Peter": Hawksmoor
"Gardner, John": Madrigal "Lamb, Charles & Mary": Tales from Shakespeare "Lovesey, Phil": Ploughing Potter's Field
"Macaulay, Lord": The Miscellaneous Writings of Lord Macaulay "Hughes, Richard": A High Wind in Jamaica "Ballard, J. G.": The Atrocity Exhibition
"Lovesey, Peter": Bertie and the Tinman "Marsh, Ngaio": Light Thickens "Hill, Reginald": No Man's Land
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