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TALL STORIES - Fine Books For Discerning People Authors

Joyce J Walker Alice Clammer D
Miles E Ross Susan Imrie De Saint Pierre J H B
Emslie Anne Landor A Henry Savage NO AUTHOR
Van Oordt J F Dunning J Lewis-Williams David&Dowson Thomas
Kellerman J Almond D Levy Saul
Fonblanque Edward Barrington de Storrar P Rufino J Dos Santos
Hill M F Beet George&Terpend Thomas Laurent Murray R W
Orpen N Yell R James Holley Joseph Winthrop
Oberholzer Obie Baker V Bernard T
Kollmann P Haskins S Reitz Deneys
Collyer Bigadier-General J J Pool G Simpkins Major B G
Teichman Sir Eric Bergman S Scott C W A
Cruise W Hedley N&Tabachnick H Stanley Professor G H
Graham K L&Wartenweiler F Roberts Brian Rosenthal Eric&Blum Eliezer
Louw J M Epstein H Symonds R W
Rosenthal E Putzel R Braude Sandra Lee
Mandela Nelson Swanepoel D A Gon O&Heemstra P C
McLachlan G R And Liversidge Heitman Helmoed-Romer Pohl Victor
Troup F Attwood J H Samuel M
Smuts Francois Phillipson E A Stevens Henry
Mascelloni Enrico Oliver Richard Serote Mongane Wally
Hartman R Jackson A Carnegie Commission
Engelbrecht J Boshoff W H van Zyl M E
Reisener Hasso O Collard C Stevenson Michael&Graham-Stewart Michael
Shortridge Captain G C Fugard Athol Brittan Nick
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