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Ediciones Poligrafa editors: Man Ray Ryan, Margaret: African hayride Younge, Gavin: Art of the African Townships
Orr, Eleanor Wilson: Twice as Less: Does Black English Stand Between Black Students & Success in Math & Science? Baughman, E. Earl: Black Americans Myers, Elisabeth P: Langston Hughes: Poet of His People
Merriam, Eve: Inner City Mother Goose Terkel, Studs: Race; How Blacks & Whites Think & Feel About the American Obsession Lomax, Louis E: Reluctant African, The
Tanner, Lee ed: Dizzy John Birks Gillespie In His 75th Year Jaycox, Faith: Ebony Angels, A Collection of African-American Poetry & Prose Styron, William: Confessions of Nat Turner
Pascall, Jeremy/Burt, Robert: Stars & Superstars of Black Music Horowitz, Irving Louis: Daydreams & Nightmares, Reflections of a Harlem Childhood Rose, Phyllis: Jazz Cleopatra
Dixon, Joseph: Black Adventure Horowitz, Irving Louis: Daydreams & Nightmares Mount, Marshall: Afican Art From New Jersey Collections
Franklin, Jimmie Lewis: Back to Birmingham Washington, Elsie B: Uncivil War: the struggle between black men and women Hughes, Langston & Meltzer, Milton: Black Magic: A Pictorial History Of The Negro In American Entertainment
Aguirre, Adalberto, Jr: Sources: Notable Selections in Race and Ethnicity Reed, Merl E: Seedtime for the Modern Civil Rights Movement Collins, Paul: Black Portrait Of An American Journey
Rose, Peter L: Slavery & Its Aftermath: Americans From Africa Higham, John: Ethnic Leadership in America Vance, Mrs. Mary: Black Women in the Cities 1872-1972: A Bibliography of Published Works on the Life & Achievements of Black Women in Cities US
Kneebone, John T: Southern Liberal Journalists & The Issue of Race 1920-1944 Harding, Vincent: There is a River: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America White, Anthony G. (edited by Mrs. Mary Vance): Organized Violence in Urban Areas: A Selected Bibliography
Clark, Major L. (edited by Mrs. Mary Vance): Illusion of Mobile Homes as Supplemental Housing for Low Income Families Silzer, Vykki J. (edited by Mrs. Mary Vance): Housing Problems Government Housing Policies & Housing Market Responses: An Annotated Bibliography Williams, D.F. (edited by Mrs. Mary Vance): Political Economy of Black Community Development: A Research Bibliography
Jakle, John A. (edited by Mrs. Mary Vance): Ethnic & Racial Minorities in North America : Selected Bibliography of the Geographical Literature Wiley, Ralph: What Black People Shoudl Do Now Pepper, William F: Orders To Kill
Adoff, Arnold: Malcolm X Schrieke, B: Alien Americans: a study of race relations Davis, Lenwood G: Black Family in Urban Areas in the United States
Malamud, Bernard: Dubins Lives Talley, Thomas W: Negro Folk Rhymes Wright, Richard: Native Son
Drimmer, Melvin: Black History: A Reappraisal Noonan, John T: Antelope: The Ordeal of The Recaptured Africans in the Administrations of James Monroe and John Quincy Adams Reed, Merl E: Seedtime for the Modern Civil Rights Movement: Committee on Fair Employment Practice 1941-1946
Lentz, Richard: Symbols, The News Magazines & Martin Luther King Fletcher, Marvin E: Black Soldier & Officer in the United States Army 1891-1917 Demijohn, Thom: Black Alice
Grimm, Reinhold: Blacks and German Culture Friedland, Shirley: African Prints, a Design Book Fleishman, Alfred: Dialogue With Street Fighters
Jones, Bessie; Hawes, Bess Lomax: Step It Down; Games, Plays, Songs & Stories Wright, Richard: American Hunger Goldstein, Rhoda L: Black Life and Culture in th
Anderson, David D.; Wright, Robert L: Dark & Tangled Path: Race in Paton, Alan: Too Late The Phalarope Foster, Blanche: Dahomey
Foner, Philip S: Paul Robeson Speaks: Writings, Speeches, Interviews 1918-1974 Duthy, Robin: Alternative Investing McClinton, Katharine Morrison: Antiques of American Childhood
Curtis, Anthony: Lyle Price Guide To Collectibles & Memorabilia Ward, Susan: Catalog of American Antiques Learmount, Brian: History of The Auction
Ketchum, William C: How To Make A Living Antiques Osborne, Harold: Illustrated Companion to the Decorative Arts Mills, John FitzMaurice: Look After Your Antiques
Wilson, Peter: Antiques International: Collectors Guide to Current Trends McClinton, Katharine Morrison: Antique Collecting for Everyone Von Hagen, Victor W: Roads That Led To Rome, The
Davis, Hassoldt: World Without A Roof McQuown, Norman: Language, Culture, and Education Campbell, Joseph: Power of Myth
Wilford, John Noble: Mysterious History of Columbus: An Exploration of the Man, the Myth, the Legacy Cotterell, Arthur: First Emperor of China: The Greatest Archeological Find of Our Time Running, Leona Glidden: William Foxwell Albright
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