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Taviani, Paolo Emilio: Columbus The Great Adventure: His Life His Times & His Voyages Seaver, George: David Livingstone: His Life & Letters Lucas, Frederic A: Preparation of Rough Skeletons
Johnston, Harry H. Sir: Story of My Life Ralling, Christopher: Voyage of Charles Darwin: His Autobiographical Writings Selected & Arranged by Christopher Ralling for the PBS Series Bulfinch, Thomas: Age Of Fable Or The Beauties Of Mythology
Hillary, Edmund, Sir: High in the Thin Cold Air: The Story of the Himalayan Expedition led by Sir Edmund Hillary Wright, Theon: Voyage of the Herman Markman, Roberta H: Masks of the Spirit, Image & Metaphor in Mesoamerica
Woodfin, Maude H., Editor: Another Secret Diary of William Byrd of Westover Ferro, Robert: Atlantis: the autobiography of a search Beach, Walter Greenwood: Introduction to Sociology & Social Problems
National Geographic, Bryan, C.D.B: National Geographic Society 100 Years of Adventure & Discovery National Georgraphic Society: Builders of the Ancient World, Marvels of Engineering Leakey, Richard E: Making of Mankind
Nichols, Marianne: Man, Myth, and Monument Spence, Lewis: History of Atlantis Pilling, Arnold R: Diprotodon to Detribalization: studies of change among Australian Aborigines
Murphy, Robert: Logbook For Grace Davis, Kingsley: Human Society de Rohan-Csermak, Geza: Sturgeon Hooks of Eurasia
Stratton, Ella Hines: Trip Around The World With Captain Parker Horn, Alfred Aloysius: Trader Horn Hunt, Sir John: Conquest Of Everest
Slesser, Malcolm: Red Peak: A Personal Account Of The British-Soviet Expedition Marx, Robert F: Nina II Dor-Ner, Zvi: Columbus & The Age of Discovery
Horowitz, Mark R: Stonehenge To Star Wars Leakey, L.S.B: By The Evidence National Trust for Historic Preservation: Rescue Archaeology
Clark, G. A: Perspectives on the Past: Theoretical Biases in Mediterranean Hunter-Gatherer Research Gumerman, George, Editor: Papers on the Archaeology of Black Mesa, Arizona Taralon, Jean: Grotto of Lascaux
Boorstin, Daniel J: Discoverers; a History of Mans Search to Know His World & Himself Douglas, John Scott: Caves of Mystery; Story of Cave Exploration Deiss, Joseph: The Town of Hercules, a buried treasure-trove
Schoo, Jan: Hercules' Labors Henry, Thomas: The White Continent, the story of Antarctica Wheeler, Margaret: History Was Buried
Ceram, C. W: Gods Graves & Scholars, The Story of Archaeology von Hagen, Victor W: Aztecs, Illustrated by Alberto Beltran Highwater, Jamake: Journey to the Sky: A Novel About the True Adventures of Two Men in Search of the Lost Maya Kingdom
Daye, Stephen: Architectural Beauty in Europe, Germany Lasdun, Denys: Architecture in an Age of Scepticism Robinson, Cervin: Architecture Transformed, A History of the Photography of Buildings
Langford, Gerald: Murder of Stanford White Corbett, Scott: Bridges Papadakis, Andreas: British Architecture
Friebe, Wolfgang: Buildings of the Worlds Exhibitions Glusberg, Jorge, Editor: Cairo International Exhibition Wilson, Ellen S: Carnegie
Frost, Jack: Fancy This Gould, Elizabeth Barrett: From Fort To Port: An Architectural History of Mobile, Alabama, 1711-1918 Tatum, Rita: Alternative House, The: Guide to Building and Buying
Mumford, Lewis: Pentagon of Power, The: The Myth of the Machine Burton, Lawrence: Choice Over Our Heads: A Guide to Architecture & Design Since 1830 Cresti, Carlo: Le Corbusier
Park, Edwards: New View from the Castle Phillips, Alan: Who Built That? The At-A-Glance Guide to the Worlds Greatest Buildings & Their Architects Woodbridge, Sally B: Details: The Architects Art
Da Costa, Beverley, Editor: Great Historic Places, An American Heritage Guide Head, Raymond: Indian Style Hoyt, Charles King: Public, Municipal & Community Buildings
Busch, Akiko: Rooftop Architecture: The Art of Going Through The Roof Starr, S. Frede: Oberlin Book of Bandstands Smith, J. Frazer: White Pillars, The Architecture of the South
Conti, Flavio: Grand Tour: The Closed Faith Cable, Mary: Dream Castles Perkerson, Medora Field: White Columns In Georgia
Jameson, Gregory: Site Details Greiff, Constance M.; Gibbons, Mary W.; Menzies, Elizabeth G. C: Princeton Architecture; A pictorial History of Town & Campus Stanton, Reggie: Drawing & Painting Buildings, Reggie Stantons Guide to Architectural Rendering
Jordan, Alex: House on the Rock Pearman, Hugh: Rick Mather: Urban Approaches Raeburn, Michael: Outline Of World Architecture
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