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Rosebud Collectible Books and Music Books

Wiley, Bell Irvin: Embattled Confederates, An Illustrated HIstory of Southerners at War Burns, Ken; Ward, Geoffrey C.; Burns, Ric: The Civil War, An Illustrated History Still, William: The Underground Railroad, A Record of Facts, Authentic Narratives, Letters, &c. narrating the hardships hair-breadth escapes and death struggles of the slaves in their efforts for freedom, as related by themselves and others, or witnessed bhy the author: together with sketches of some of the largest stockholders, and most liberal aiders and advisers of the road
Lomax, John A. and Alan: Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads John, Elton and Bernie Taupin: Complet Lyrics: Elton John and Bernie Taupin Ralph Eugene Meatyard, An American Visionary
The Macmillan Atlas of Rugs and Carpets, A Comprehensive Guide for the Buyer and Collector Boyd, Herb: We Shall Overcome Thoreau, Henry: Collected Poems of Henry Thoreau
Stapp, William F: Robert Cornelius, Portraits from the Dawn of Photography Bogle, Donald: Blacks in American Films and Television, An Illustrated Encyclopedia Betts, Doris: The Gentle Insurrection and Other Stories
Francis, Dick: Risk Borowski, Tadeusz: This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen Lukacs, John: Historical Consciousness or the Remembered Past
Bamford, Francis and Viola Bankes: Vicious Circle, The case of the missing Irish Crown Jewels Marx, Karl: On Education, Women & Children McDaniel, Pete: Uneven Lies, The Heroic Story of African-Americans in Golf
Wechsler, Herman J: Great Prints and Printmakers Gerson, Horst: Rembrandt Paintings Hubbard, Margaret Ann: Murder Takes the Veil
Dubay, Debby and Kara Sewall: Beatrix Potter Collectibles, The Peter Rabbit Story Characters Pina, Leslie: Popular '50's and '60's Glass, Color Along the River Swan, Martha Louise: American Cut and Engraved Glass, The Brilliant Period in Historical Perspective
Liljeblad, Cynthia Boris: TV Toys and the Shows that Inspired Them Whiteman, Robin: The Cadfael Companion, The World of Brother Cadfael Hale, Nathan Cabot: The Spirit of Man, The Sculpture of Kaare Nygaard
Foreman, John and Robbe Pierce Stimson: The Vanderbilts and the Gilded Age, Architectural Aspirations, 1879-1901 Rowlandson, Mary: The Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson Jackson, Donald: Custer's Gold, The US Cavalry Expedition of 1874
Vandiver, Frank: Rebel Brass, The Confederate Command System Nichols, Madaline Wallis: The Gaucho, Cattle Hunter, Cavalryman, Ideal of Romance Macgregor, Gordon: Warriors Without Weapons, A study of the society and personality development of the Pine Ridge Sioux
Hawthorne, Nathaniel: Tanglewood Tales Bak, Richard: Turkey Stearnes and the Detroit Stars, The Negro Leagues in Detroit, 1919-1933 Henry, Robert Selph: The Story of the Confederacy
Kimmel, Stanley: The Mad Booths of Maryland Garner, Bryan A: Garner's Modern American Usage Haley, John W: The Rebel Yell & the Yankee Hurrah, The Civil War Journal of a Maine Volunteer
Thoreau, Henry: Walden, A Fully Annotated Edition Klein, H. Arthur: Surfing Graf, John F: Warman's Civil War Collectibles
Cantor, George: Confederate Generals, Life Portraits Ewers, John C: Artists of the Old West Dodson, Howard: Jubilee, The Emergence of African-American Culture
Kaplan, Philip and Andy Saunders: Little Friends, The fighter pilot experience in World War II England Merriman, Roger Bigelow: Suleiman the Magnificent 1520-1566 Connolly, James A: Three Years in the Army of the Cumberland, The letters and diary of Major James A. Connolly
Ramsdell, Charles W: Behind the Lines in the Southern Confederacy Arndt, Karl J. R: George Rapp's Harmony Society 1785-1847 Rhodes, James Ford: History of the Civil War 1861-1865
Letters from Lee's Army, Memoirs of life in and out of the army in Virginia during the War Between the States Martineau, Harriet: Retrospect of Western Travel Henderson, George: Gothic Art and Civilisation
Runciman, Steven: Byzantine Art and Civilisation Sell, Henry Blackman and Victor Weybright: Buffalo Bill and the Wild West Washington, George: Autograph Letters and Documents of George Washington Now in Rhode Island Collections
Masefield, Muriel: The Story of Fanny Burney, Being an introduction to the diary and letters of Madame d'Arblay Bryant, Billy: Children of Ol' Man River, The life and times of a show-boat trouper Carse, Robert: B lockade, The Civil War at Sea
Vestal, Stanley: King of the Fur Traders, The deeds and deviltry of Pierre Esprit Radisson Bourke-White, Margaret: Purple Heart Valley, A combat chronicle of the war in Italy Stefanssson, Vilhjalmur: Hunters of the Great North
Flanagan, Lt. Gen. E. M: The Los Banos Raid, The 11th Airborne Jumps at Dawn Stone, Judy: The Mystery of B. Traven Kennon, Bob: From the Pecos to the Powder, A cowboy's autobiography
Griffith, D. W: The Man Who Invented Hollywood Lorant, Stefan (ed): The New World, The first pictures of America made by John White andJaques le Moyne and engraved by Theodore de Bry with contemporary narratives of the Huguenot settlement in Florida 1562-1590 and the Virginia colonies 1585-1590 Graphic Arts
Pietrangeli, Carlo and others: The Sistine Chapel, The Art, the History, and the Restoration
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