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R. Siedlecki Vintage Books Authors

Steinbeck John Hamilton Count Anthony Walker Alice and Pratibha Parmar
Sanderson Edgar Brown Rita Mae Walker Alice
McMillan Terry West Lulameade Ford Gerald R
First District Normal School Kirksville MO Avery I W Wood J G
Faulkner William Cassell and Company Marston Philip Bourke
Downes Randolph C Carter Jimmy Updike John
Mailer Norman Cramer C H Howard Nathaniel R
Shoemaker Elisabeth The Foster&Reynolds Co Niagara Falls Power Company
Wright Mrs Julia McNair Jackson Friendly Home Association Michigan Associated Telephone Company
Hurd Edith Thacher Dadelszen E J Von Swett Sophie
Denton Clara J Robertson Josephine Dixon Thomas Jr
Tolbert Bernice and Michael G Lawrence Beduhn Arthur A Wallace Cathcart Ernest H Lynn John H Herrick Preble County Historical Society
Benton Elbert J Weinberg Kenneth G Standish Burt L
Potter Beatrix Ellis Edward S Old South Meeting House
Neely William The Garfield Memorial Committee DeWitt William A
Washington Booker T Glenn Thomas Allen Dutka Alan F
[Rowfant Club of Cleveland] Shaw Archer H Wilde Oscar
Oates Joyce Carol Burroughs Edgar Rice Rand McNally&Company
Singer Kurt Murray Lindley Pyle Howard
Eisenschiml Otto and Ralph Newman Malone Henry Thompson Carter Rosalynn
Whittier John Greenleaf Foster R F Langford Edna and Linda Maddox
Rose William Ganson Sackerlotzky Rotraud Project Director Hull Barbara
Alcock Deborah Epton Nina Georgia Department of Agriculture
Saavedra Miguel De Cervantes Donaldson Jim Editor Caldwell H Van Y Clyde L Cummer M D George L Sackett M D
Simkin John Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society Bryce James
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