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Mulberry Books Authors

P A Taverner Dr Armgaard Karl Graves Sir Frederick Temple
NO AUTHOR Ceram C W Capwell Wyckoff
Davis Richard Harding Gwyn Sandra Scott Sir Walter
Kipling Rudyard Pottle FrederickA Lover Samuel
Morehead Albert H Halliburton Thomas Chandler Moyle J B
By the Editors of Horizon Magazine Hotchkiss C C Rush William Marshall
Nicholi Armand M Harvey Don Gotz M Pollzien
Semyonov Yuri Hendrik Willem Van Loon Coward Noel
Lathrop George Parsons Jordan John Chesterton G K
Funk Charles E Busselle Michael Bevan T 'Roadster' Harrison F Cross T Camm F H Hatens H Shervill W P Horler S
Dunne Gerald T Berton Pierre Stephensen William
Green Peter Bennett J Gardner Glenn Frank Wolpert Stanley
JOHNS W E Burnford Sheila Acland Eric&Bartlett E H
Simon Andre L Le Livre De Paris McAdams Dan P
Stursberg Peter Finger Charles J Norman Jane Margaret
Baker Eileen Gilbert Parker Entwistle Mary
Jean Watson Robert Louis Stevenson Brenda Girvin and J Eaton Feasey
Ewing Juliana Horatia Knight Charles Rose Newton Benians and Walker
Bishop William W Quida Holmes Oliver Wendell
Beecher-Stowe Harriet Bernardin De Saint-Pierre Rossetti William Michael
Hagstrum Jean H O'Brien James J M W Loving
Raymond E Davis and Francis S Foote Robert Paul Jordon Dr Seuss
Fredric Sweney Frigyes Karinthy Murray R Spiegal
Monte Hummel Sheridan Richard Brinsley Tom Rosenbauer
Dale Gibson with Lee Gibson&Cameron Harvey W Doyle Gentry Leah Cohen
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