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Toropov, N. A: Handbook of Phase Diagrams of Silicate Systems, Volume 1, Part 1 and 2, Volume 2 - Two Volumes in Three Parts Chhabra, R. P: Peptide Hormones: Effects and Mechanisms of Action - Volume I, II & III : 3 Volume Set Abatangelo, G.;Davidson, J.M: Cutaneous Development, Aging and Repair (FIDIA Series, Volume 18)
Kligman, Albert M.;Takase, Yoshio: Cutaneous Aging Hartman, Carl G: Studies in the Reproduction of the Monkey Macacus Rhesus, with Special Reference to Menstruation and Pregnancy (Contributions to Embryology, No. 134) Hafez: Prostatic Carcinoma: Biology and Diagnosis ) Clinics in Andrology, Volume 6)
N/a: Management of Uranium Mill Tailings, Low-Level Waste and Hazardous Waste: Proceedings of the Sixth Symposium February 1-3, 1984 AwWA: Future of Water Reuse : Proceedings of the Water Reuse Symposium III, August 26-31, 1984, San Diego : Volume 1, 2 & 3 : 3 Volume Set Op den Kamp, Jos A. F: Membrane Biogenesis (NATO ASI Series H: Cell Biology, Volume 16)
Evans, L. V: Algal Biofouling (Studies in Environmental Science, Volume 28) Murty, Dr. A.S: Toxicity of Pesticides to Fish, Volume I and II, Complete 2 Volume Set Kaufman, Donald DeVere;Kearney, P.C: Herbicides: Chemistry, Degradation, and Mode of Action, 3 Volume Set
James, Ronald W: Industrial Starches (Chemical Technology Review, No. 23) Milstead, Jessica L: Ei Thesaurus (Engineering Information) Iwata, Kazuo;Bossche, H. van den: In Vitro and in Vivo Evaluation of Antifungal Agents
Molinari, O. Chiesa: Terapeutical Vegetal Plant Pathology Vreeland, Russell H.; Hochstein, Lawrence I: The Biology of Halophilic Bacteria Stumpf, P.K: The Biochemistry of Plants: A Comprehensive Treatise, Complete 8 Volume Set (Vols 1-8): The Plant Cell, Metabolism and Respiration; Carbohydrates; Lipids; Amino Acids and Derivatives; Proteins and Nucleic Acids; Secondary Plant Products; Photosynthesis
Heywood, V. H: Thesaurus of Agricultural Organisms Pests, Weeds and Diseases Huimin, Cao;Wenchu, Bao: Dictionary of Chemistry and Chemical Technology in Japanese, English, Chinese Katz, Sidney A.;Salem, Harry: The Biological and Environmental Chemistry of Chromium
Lester, John N: Heavy Metals in Wastewater and Sludge Treatment Processes, 2 Volume Set: Sources, Analysis, and Legislation; Treatment and Disposal Stucki, Samuel: Process Technologies for Water Treatment Llewellyn, Gerald C.;Dashek, William V: Biodeterioration Research 4: Mycotoxins, Wood Decay, Plant Stress, Biocorrosion, and General Biodeterioration
Multon, J.-L: Food Packaging Technology : Volume 1 & 2 Gemeiner, Peter: Enzyme Engineering: Immobilized Biosystems Kennedy, J.F.;Phillips, G.O: Lignocellulosics: Science, Technology, Development and Use
Abdullayev, K.M.;Sobol, A.S.;Malakhov, I.A.;Poletaev, L.N: Urban Waste Waters: Treatment for Use in Steam and Power Generation Ruiz-Herrera, Jose: Fungal Cell Wall : Structure, Synthesis, and Assembly Visser, . J.;Someren, M.A. Kusters Van;Beldman, G: Xylans and Xylanases (Progress in Biotechnology, Volume 7)
International Symposium on Biohydrometallurgy 1993 Jackson Hole, Wy.);Lakshmanan, V.I.;Torma, A.E.;Wey, J.E.;Torma, Arpad E.;Brierley, Corale L.;Apel, M.L.;Apel, M. Lynn;Minerals, Metals and ma: Biohydrometallurgical Technologies, Volume I and Volume II, 2 Volume Set: Bioleaching Processes, Fossil Energy Materials Bioremediation, Microbial Physiology Bright, Donald Jr: The Insects and Arachnids of Canada : Part 2 - The Bark Beetles of Canada and Alaska Coleoptera: Scolytidae Favre, et al: From Photophysics to Photobiology (Supplement to Photobiochemistry and Photobiophysics, 1987)
Davis, D. Layten, et al: Tobacco Leaf Chemistry: Its Origin, Understanding and Current Trends (Recent Advances in Tobacco Science, Volume 7) Lenaz, Giorgio: Coenzyme Q : Biochemistry, Bioenergetics and Clinical Applications of Ubiquinone Chinoy, N. J: The Role of Ascorbic Acid in Growth, Differentiation and Metabolism of Plants (Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology)
Crozier, Alan: The Biochemistry and Physiology of Gibberellins, Volume 1 and 2, Complete 2 Volume Set Tjamos, E.C: Vascular Wilt Diseases of Plants: Basic Studies and Control (NATO ASI Series H: Cell Biology, Volume 28) Maramorosch, K: Mycoplasma Diseases of Crops: Basic and Applied Aspects
Bushnell, William R: The Cereal Rusts, Volume I and II: Origins, Specificity, Structure, and Physiology; Diseases, Distribution, Epidemiology, and Control Complete 2 Volume Set Tanksley, Steven D.;Orton, Thomas J: Isozymes in Plant Genetics and Breeding, Part A and Part B, 2 Volume Set (Developments in Plant Genetics and Breeding) Bajaj, Y. P. S: Legumes and Oilseed Crops I (Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry 10)
Davies, Jeffrey W: Molecular Plant Virology, Volume I and Volume II, 2 Volume Set: Virus Structure and Assembly and Nucleic Acid-Protein Interactions, Replication and Gene Expression Vidhyasekaran, P: Physiology of Disease Resistance in Plants, Volume I and II, 2 Volume Set Sangwan, R.S.;Sangwan-Norreel, B.S: The Impact of Biotechnology in Agriculture (Current Plant Science and Biotechnology in Agriculture)
8th International Conference on Asphalt Pavements: Eighth International Conference on Asphalt Pavements, Aug. 10-14, 1997, Seattle, Washington, 3 Volume Set: Proceedings Reichert, K.H: Polymer Reaction Engineering: Proceedings of the 3rd Berlin International Workshop on Polymer Reaction Engineering, Berlin 1989 Clarke, Ann N: Foam Flotation: Theory and Applications
Doughty, et al: Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion-Batteries, Capacitors, and Fuel Cells (Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, Volume 393) Lewin, Menachem: Wood Structure and Composition (International Fiber Science and Technology, Volume 11) Stojanovic, et al: Advanced Science and Technology of Sintering
Petersen, Eugene E: Catalyst Deactivation (Chemical Industries, Volume 30) Perelman, F.M. (translated By R.G.P. Towndrow): Rubidium and Caesium Koch, Peter: Utilization of Hardwoods Growing on Souther Pine Sites (Agriculture Handbook Number 605) - Volumes I, II & III : 3 Volume Set
Rance, H. G: Handbook of Paper Science, Volume 1 And 2: The Raw Materials and Processing of Papermaking, The Structure and Physical Properties of Paper, 2 Volume Set Barton and Earle: Brakes 2000 International Conference on Automotice Braking - Technologies for the 21st Century Franke, Werner;Krause, Thomas: Chemische und Mikrobiologische Verfahren (Prufung Von Papier, Pappe, Zellstoff Und Holzstoff, Band 1)
Ruiter, Dick J.;Fleuren, Gert Jan: Application of Monoclonal Antibodies in Tumor Pathology Berkeley, R. C. W.;Society of Chemical Industry (Great Britain): Microbial Adhesion to Surfaces Schook, Lawrence B.;Tew, John G: Antigen Presenting Cells: Diversity, Differentiation, and Regulation Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Richmond, Virginia, March 26-29, 1987
Drew, Henry M: Metal-Based Lubricant Compositions (Chemical Technology Review No. 48) Scherz, Heimo: Food Composition and Nutrition Tables/Die Zusammensetzung Der Lebensmittel Nahrwert-Tabellen/LA Composition Des Aliments Tableaux Des Valeurs Nutriti Gilmore, Norbert;Canada;Medical Research Council (Canada);Wainberg, Mark A: Viral Mechanisms of Immunosuppression (Progress in Leukocyte Biology, Volume 1)
Bartoli, Ettore: Systemic Effects of HBsAg Immune Complexes Bryan: Microbial Resistance to Drugs (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, Volume 91) Verma, Desh Pal S: Control of Plant Gene Expression
Schutt, W: Cell Electrophoresis Slavin, Shimon: Bone Marrow & Organ Transplantation: Achievements & Goals Hlavka, J.J: The Tetracyclines (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology, Volume 78)
Furthmayr, Heinz M.D: Immunochemistry of the Extracellular Matrix, Volume I and II: Methods, Applications, 2 Volume Set Henson, Peter M: Mediators of the Inflammatory Process (Handbook of Inflammation, Volume 6) Schwerdtfeger, Walter K: The Forebrain in Nonmammals: New Aspects of Structure and Development (Experimental Brain Research Series, Volume 19)
Sir John Eccles: The Principles of Design and Operation of the Brain (Experimental Brain Research Series, Volume 21) Bushell, M.E: Bioactive Metabolites from Microorganisms (Progress in Individual Microbiology , Volume 27) Stewart, William E.;Schellekens, Huub: The Biology of the Interferon System 1985
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