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Farago, Ladislas: Aftermath : Martin Bormann and the Fourth Reich Campbell, James: Bombing of Nuremberg, The Baumbach, Werner: Broken Swastika
Collins, Hubert E: War Path and Cattle Trail Fagan, Brian: Elusive Treasure : The Story of Early Archaeologists in the Americas Cronin, Vincent: Catherine Empress of all the Russias
Von der Porten, Edward P: German Navy in World War II, The Fraser, Antonia: Warrior Queens, The Winter, William O: Urban Polity, The
Melas, Evi, ed: Greek Experience, The Jagel, Wolf-Dietrich: Deutsche Sprachlehre Turnbull, Colin M: Man in Africa : From Cairo To the Cape of Good Hope
Hoyt, Edwin P: Hitler's War Olson, John: Book of the Rifle Gilsvik, Bob: All-Season Hunting : A Guide to Early Season, Late Season, and Winter Hunting
Hubbard, L. Ron: Humanitarian, The : The Road to Self-Respect Guptill, Arthur L: Norman Rockwell : Illustrator Hagenbeck, Carl: von Tieren und Menschen : Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen
Robinson, David: Living Wild : The Secrets of Animal Survival Burton, Maurice and Robert: Encyclopedia of Mammals Gilden, K. B: Hurry Sundown - Two Volumes Set
Doctorow, E. L: Waterworks, The Warner, Jack, Jr: Bijou Dream Archer, Jeffrey: As the Crow Flies
Smith, Martin Cruz: Red Square Perry, Anne: Traitors Gate Martin, David: Tap Tap
James, P. D: Original Sin Burland, Cottie: North American Indian Mythology Healey, Deryck: Living with Color : The Workbook for Managing the Colors in Your Home
Smith, Beverly Sutherland: Taste for All Seasons, A Aronson, Joseph: Book of Furniture and Decoration, The : Period and Modern Thorndike Jr., Joseph J: Mysteries of the Past
Cunliffe, Marcus, Ed: London Times History of Our Times, The Marquez, Gabriel Garcia: Of Love and Other Demons Mitchell, Curtis: Perfect Exercise, The : The Hop, Skip and Jump Way to Health
Katzander, Howard L: Antiques and Art : How to Know, Buy and Use Them Johnson, Lorraine: How to Restore, Repair and Finish Almost Everything Moon, Bucklin, Ed: Doubleday Anthology, A : Selections from Over Sixty Years of Publishing
Schram, Martin: Great American Video Game, The : Presidential Politics in the Television Age Chandler, Lester V: Economics of Money and Banking, The (various): Light of the Past, The
Aylesworth, Thomas G. ; Aylesworth, Virginia L: America's Southwest Redding, Robert / Yenne, Bill: Boeing : Planemaker to the World Tosco, Umberto / Fannelli, Annelaura: Color Treasury of Mushrooms & Toadstools : How to Find and Identify Them
American Heart Association Editors: American Heart Association Heartbook, The : A Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases Seymour, Jacqueline: Mushrooms and Toadstools Jacobson, Timothy: Discovering America : Journeys in Search of the New World
Wise Home Electrical Handyman, The : Wiring, Lighting, and Appliance Repair Cobb, Hubbard: Amateur Builder's Handbook Wolf, Ralph J: Wise Handbook of Home Plumbing, The
Marshall, Francis W: Popular Guide to Modern Legal Principles Wilson, Dr. Clifford: UFOs and Their Mission Impossible Pieper, Charles J. ; Beauchamp, Wilbur L. ; Frank, Orlin D: Everyday Problems in Biology
Burby, John: Great American Motion Sickness, The : Or Why You Can't Get There from Here King, Norman: Money Messiahs, The Heller, Robert / Willatt, Norris: Can You Trust Your Bank? : Sensational Bank Failures of the 1970s
Liebman, Seymour B: Exploring the Latin American Mind Zukerman, Eugenia: Deceptive Cadence Masin, Herman L., Ed: New Treasury of Sports Humor, A
Montapert, William David: Omega Strategy, The Danhof, Kenneth J. / Smith, Carol L: Computing System Fundamentals : An Approach Based on Microcomputers Kresh, Paul, Editor: American Judaism Reader, The
Matloff, Maurice, Editor: World War II Two 2 : A Concise Military History of America's All-Out, Two-Front War Sextra Special : A Sintillating Sexcursion! Brandt, Willy: People and Politics : The Years 1960-1973
Kaufman, Bel: Love, Etc Wysor, Bettie: To Remember Tina Buchwald, Art: You Can Fool All of the People All the Time
Dunne, Dominick: Season in Purgatory, A Yergin, Daniel / Gustafson, Thane: Russia 2010 : And What it Means for the World Anderson, Col. James L. / Cohen, Martin: Competitive Edge, The : Look Better, Feel Better, and Win!
Levine, Rabbi Morton / Kantor, Hal: Congregation, The Sheehy, Gail: Man Who Changed the World, The : The Lives of Mikhail S. Gorbachev Auel, Jean M: Plains of Passage, The : Earth's Children
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