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DINDORFII Guil: Poetarum Scenicorum Graecorum, Aeschyli, Sophoclis,Euripidis et Aristophanis, Fabulae Superstites et Perditarum Fragmenta JOLL Gary: To Alaska to Hunt PURCHAS H T: Bishop Harper and the Canterbury Settlement
SMITH Wilbur: The Sunbird HUTTON J. Arthur: The Life-History of the Salmon REECE William: Canterbury Old and New 1850-1900
FRITH Henry: The Flying horse, the story of the Locomotive and the Railway SAUNDERS Peter: The Mousetrap Man STARK Freya: The Coast of Incense, autobiography 1933-1939
anon: The Dominican Star a New Zealand Year Book LORD E Iveagh: Old Westland a story of the Golden West Coast of New Zealand FERRIS George: The Trout are Rising
HOUSEMAN A E: More Poems WILSON C L: The History of a Family, the Wilsons and Richardsons in England Australia and New Zealand THOMSON J C: Records of Early Riverton and District
DOYLE Arthur Conan: Sherlock Holmes the complete short Stories TOLSTOY Leo N: Stories and Dramas VELIKOVSKY Immanuel: Ages in Chaos
EARLE Augustus: Nine Months residence in New Zealand in 1827 LEGMAN Gershom: Rationale of the dirty joke, an analysis of sexual humour FIRST SERIES LEGMAN Gershom: No Laughing Matter, rationale of the dirty joke SERIES TWO
LEWIS James: Francis Asbury Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church LAMB R.C: From the Banks of the Avon, the story of a river HOURIHANE Ursula: More Stories of the Little Blue Engine
BAIN J Arthur: Life and Adventures of Nansen the great Arctic Explorer KOCHER Paul: The Master of Middle-Earth, the achievement of JRR Tolkien MONTGOMERY Field-Marshal: Memoirs of Field Marshal Montgomery
BRETT Henry edited C R Bradwell: White Wings Immigrant ships to New Zealand 1840-19002 HARVIE, E F: George Bolt Pioneer Aviator FORD Madox Ford: A Man Could Stand Up - a Novel
BEST James W: Tiger Days THOMSON John: The Clinical Study and Treatment of Sick Children LOVELL Bernard: Out of the Zenith, Jodrell Bank 1957-1970
PONTING Herbert & HURLEY Frank: 1910-1916 Antarctic Photographs Scott Mawson and Shackleton Expeditions TERRAY Lionel: Conquistadors of the Useless from the Alps to Annapurna and Beyond PASCOE John: The Southern Alps from the Kaikouras to the Rangitata
ORMAN Tony: The Sport in Fishing MOLESWORTH Mrs: The Cuckoo Clock UPFIELD Arthur: Madmans Bend
FERRARS Elizabeth: Murder Moves In CORBETT James: Gallows Wait MACKENZIE Compton: The Lunatic Republic
FOWLES John: The French Lieutenants Woman VELIKOVKY Immanuel: Ages in Chaos ROTH George Kingsley: Fiji, Handbook of the Colony
LEIBOVITCH J: Ancient Egypt, an easy introduction to its Archaeology HERSCHEL J F W edited Dionysius Lardner: A Treatise on Astronomy BLAKE Ken: The Professionals Stake Out
MERRIMAN W N: Northern Caballero adventures in the unexplored country of the Amazon HIBBERD Shirley: Familiar Garden Flowers 5 Volumes GREEN Thomas Hill: Prolegomena to Ethics
CAESARIS C Iuli Caesar edited T Rice Holmes: C Iuli Caesaris Commentarii rerum in Gallia Gestarum, De Bello Gallico (War in Gaul / Gallic War) Collis, Evans, Smythe, Mathew, Johnstone, Tangye, edited W J Turner: British Adventure YONGE C M: The Sea Shore
HAINING Peter: Movable Books an illustrated History EDWARDS Lionel: My Hunting Sketch Book AUSTIN O L: Birds of the World
BRIGGS Raymond: When The Wind Blows UNGERER Tomi: Compromises BEGG N C: Historic Buildings of New Zealand, North Island
BEGG N C: Historic Buildings of New Zealand, South Island PIENAAR A A trsl Lewis: The Adventures of a Lion Family and other Studies of Wild Life in East Africa LAWSON Henry: In the Days when the World was Wide and other Verses
PLATO ed Shrine of Wisdom: The Human Soul in the Myths of Plato STUCKEY Fred: Sometimes Free, My Escapes from German POW Camps LEGMAN G: Rationale of the dirty joke an analysis of sexual humour vol 1 & 2
VOYETEKHOV Boris: The Last Days of Sevastopol RUSKIN John. edited Virginia Surtees: Sublime and instructive ; letters from John Ruskin to Louisa Marchioness of Waterford, Anna Blunden and Ellen Heaton CHRISTIE Agatha: The Man in the Brown Suit
WIGMORE Lionel: Struggle for the Snowy, the background of the Snowy Mountain Scheme MCCABE John: The Comedy world of Stan Laurel WELLS H G: The Food of the Gods and how it came to Earth
CAMPBELL Gordon: Abandon Ship! COWPER William R A Willmott: The Poetical Works of William Cowper MARSH Ngaio: Last Ditch
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