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NASH, T.A.M: Africa's Bane : The Tsetse Fly KOENIG, Oscar: Snorty the Rhino WALKER, Oliver: Hippo Poacher
CAMDEN, William: Remaines Concerning Britain; Their Languages, Names, Surnames, Allusions, Anagrammes, Armories, Monies, Apparell, Artillerie, Wife Speeches, Proverbs, Poetries, Epitaphs LUBBOCK, Basil: The Romance of the Clipper Ships KUHLWEITER, Frederich, Von: Skagerak! Der Ruhmestag Der Deutschen Flotte
BORTHWICK, Alistair: Yarrow and Company: The First Hundred Years MINISTRY OF INFORMATION: The First To be Freed : The Records of British Military Administration in Eritrea and Somalie 1941-1943 PONSFORD, T.R: War Record of Union Defence Force Institutes (YMCA _TOC H) 1939-1946
HANSFORD, S, Howard: Jade Essence of Hills And Streams CAMERON, Hector Charles: Sir Joseph Banks The Autocrat Of Philosphers 1744 - 18201952 LEE, Arthur, Gould: The Flying Cathedral : The Story of Samuel Franklin
RICHTER, Walter: Das Schonste Aber Sind Orchideen NORTHERN, Rebecca, Tison: Home Orchid Growing FARAGO, Ladislas: The Game of Foxes
EBEL, Friedrich & BIRNBAUM, Ottfried: Orchideen : Juwelen Im Pflanzenreich RICHTER, Walter: Orchideen Pflegen Vermehren Zuchten TOOTMANN, Heinz & TRITSCLER, Alfred: Petite Voiture Grand Class
FROST, Holloway, H: Grand Fleet Und Hochsheeflote Im Weltkrieg ALEXANDER, Michael: S-O-S Thetis DEMOSTHENES: Against Midias
STEUART, A.Francis: Trial of Mary Queen of Scots MORELAND, Carl & BANNISTER, Davis: Antique Maps HINES, Barry: First Signs
PROUT-JONES, D.V: An Introduction to the Birds of Prey of South Africa MARAIS, Theo. ed: The South African Rugby Annual 1957 LUBBOCK, Basil: The Colonial Clippers
ZIMMELS, H.J: Magicians Theologians and Doctors ; Studies in Folk Medicine and Folkl-lore as Reflected in Thr Rabbinical Responsa (12th-19th centuries) SCHOTT, Gerhard: Geographie Des Atlantischen Ozeans STEPPES, O and Others: Lehrbuch Der Navigation Fur Die Kriegs Und Handelsmarine
HANSEN, V. Gottfried: Nauticus: Jahrbuch Fur Deutschlands Seeinteressen 1944 F-Tafel : Tafel Zur Vereinfachten Berechnung Von Hohenstandlinien OOSTHUIZEN, Pieter: Boer War Memorabilia : The Collectors Guide
HIGGINS Jack: East Of Desolation LUBBOCK, Basil: The Western Ocean Packets ALDRICH, Henry: The Elements of Civil Architecture According to Vitruvius and Other Ancients and the Most Approved Practice of Modern Authors Especially Palladio
YAP, YONG & COTTERELL, Arthur: The Early Civilization of China FAULKNER, R.F.J & IMPEY, O.R: Shino and Oribe Kiln Sites : A L,oan Exhibition of Mino Shards from Toki City BRIGHTON, Andrew: David Hockney Prints 1954-1977
LYNDHURST, Joe: Military Collectables : An International Directory of Twntieth Century Militaria BARBIER, Jean Paul & NEWTON, Douglas: Islands and Ancestors : Indigenous Styles of Southeast Asia LAWSON, Will: Pacific Steamers
ROY, Arundhati: The God Of Small Things MURRY, John, Middleton: The Necessity Of Pacifism VILIMKOVA, Milada: Egyptian Jewellery
STOKES, G.T: Ireland And the Anglo-Norman Church KAY June: Wild Eden FLETCHER, R.A: In the Days of the Tall Ships
WALCOTT, Mackenzie, E.C: William of Wykeham and His Colleges BLASS, Friedrich: Grammar of New Testament Greek BEAGLE, Peter, S: A Fine and Private Place
MAKONYANE, Dan: Lessons of Aziikhawelwa : The Bus Boycott In South Africa WATERS, Sydnet D: Clipper Ship to Motor Liner SHARP, John Campbell & TAIT, Peter, Guthrie & ADAMS-REILLY, A: Life and Letters of James David Forbes, F.R.S
GILBERT, John, M: Hunting and Hunting Reserves in Medieval Scotland SELLS, A Lytton: The Paradise of Travellers; the Italian Influence on Englishmen in the Seventeenth Century HAMILTON, A.M: Road Through Kurdistan : The Narrative of an Engineer in Iraq
BLOMFIELD, Reginald: The Touchstone Of Architecture SIZWE, No: One Azania One Nation : The National Question In South Africa BOWEN, Frank C: A Century of Atlantic Travel
MALAN, F.S: Die Geheim Van 'n Ideale Huwelik of Korte Lewensets Van D.G En E.J Malan DE MORGAN, Augustus: Newton, His Friend : And His Niece HAGEN, Walter: The Walter Hagen Story
DAWSON, Kenneth, Illustrated by Winifred Austen: Marsh & Mudflat HAINEAUX, Rene: Stage Design Throughout The World Since 1935 DOWNIE, W.I: Reminiscences of a Blackwall Midshipman
SCHECKTER, Jody, and Others: The Motor Sport Annual Of South Africa 1978 PARKINSON , C. Northcote: The Life And Times of Horatio Hornblower CONDRY, William: The Snowdonia National Park
PRYTHERCH, Reginald, J: Modern Waterskiing GOLDING, Harry: The Wonder Book of Motors the Romance Of The Road MAGRIEL, Paul: Nijinsky : An Illustrated Monograph
FUGARD, Athol: Boesman And Lena : A Play In Two Acts FARREN, Robert: Thronging Feet BURROUGHS, Edgar Rice: Pellucidar
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