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Carey Peter Lund Morten Behn Noel
Blish James Brady Joan Southern Heritage
Coonts Stephen Canfield Dorothy Prouse A Robert
Abbott Lee K Salinger J D Morris Charles
Good Housekeeping King William C Woolcott Alexander
Kipling Rudyard Gregory Robert Sagan Carl
Coppelstone Trewin Rosenburg John M Schulman Sarah
Bailey Chabon Michael NO AUTHOR
Mayes Herbert R Price William B Ponko Vincent Jr
Kemp Peter Eimermann Thomas Frost Robert
Carver Raymond Desalvo Louise North Robert C
Morell&Nydegger Thorpe Adam McIntyre Vonda
Treuer David Spaudling George Department Of The Army
Tilghman Christopher Gillman Jonathon Wodehouse P G
Smith William V Leviton Alan Mills Derek&Graesser Neil
Pinson Koppel S Butler Lord Spector Ronald
Lawford James Nevins Allan Bentley Robert
Medwed Mameve Horan James D England F E
Marion William Cunliffe-Owen Marguerite Leach Julian
Kingsolver Barbara O'Hara John McCormick Wilfred
Tobler John Ellis Edward S Marbarger John P
Gerhardi William Lovett Sarah Davidson Basil
Lesley Hubert Calder Nigel Better Homes and Gardens
Princeton University Reintjes&Coate Hollander Eric
Heard Franklin Barker A J Ventham Philip&Fletcher David
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