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David Murray Smith Robert Hogg Edited By John Roberts
Mrs Lucie H Armstrong Alfred C Lyall Goldscheider
Harrison Harry No Author listed Plummer Clare
Jens Walter coventry patmore Alice Meynell
J H Bennet C K Munro NO AUTHOR
Alexander Pope L M Hannan L E Kastner
Michael Flood Marc Beigbeder Mrs Henry Clarke
Valerie Sherwood Joseph L S Terrell F Norreys Connell
Francis Somerville Joe Rayter T Auden
Trevor Norton Jack M Bickham Laura M Budden
D C R Prater Jane Donnelly Williams Elma
Bennett College G B Burgin Ruth Thomas
Ltd Ciba Laboratories Roberto Donati Denys Davis
Berta Ruck Michael Cronin Russell L Cecil
Hugh Trevor-Roper Elizabeth Seifert Denys Hay
Anthony Trollope Gleave I C Isbyam
Walter Shepherd George Henry Haines Arthur Beadell Raymond Clarke
Andrews Gerladine R Glasgow Sarah Devon
J W Donaldson Lawrence J F Keppie Lee Thayer
Eric Frank Russell Michael Adler Clare Cavendish
Tyler G Hicks Charles Kingsley Irving Wallace
Frances Turk Mary Ambler Evelyn S Shuckburgh
Brian Bramson Thomas Henderson Robert Thomson Dr A K Constandse L Wijers Mrs N C De Ruiter
Earl Raab G J Selznick H H Thomas Gordon Forsyth Graham Greene James Laver Sylvia Townsend Warner
Prudence Andrew Lucille Devoy J B Moyle
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