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Shepherd, Margaret E: Across the Oceans: Emigration from Cumberland and Westmorland Before 1914 Hutchinson, William: The History of the County of Cumberland 2 Volumes Darwin, Charles: The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life
Hitler, Adolf: Mein Kampf Doyle, A. Conan: A Study in Scarlet Young, Robert: Analytical Concordance to the Bible
---: Taylor & Challen Presses and Machinery Mannix & Whellan: History, Gazeteer, and Directory of Cumberland Edwards, E: Personal Recollections of Birmingham and Birmingham Men
---: A Pictorial And Descriptive Guide to London and the British Empire Exhibition, 1925 British Railways Supplement No. 5 to the General Appendix to the Working Timetables The Famous History of Captain Thomas Stukeley 1605
Bennett, Alan: Keeping On Keeping On Atwood, Margaret: Hag-Seed The Tempest Re-told McDermid, Val: Out of Bounds
Brears, Peter: Traditional Food in Cumbria Steinbeck, John: The Pearl Wilson, R. J. A. (ed): Roman Maryport and Its Setting: Essays in Memory of Michael G.Jarrett
---: Historical and Pictorial Guide to the English Lakes; with introduction by the poet Wordsworth Newcomb, Simon: Popular Astronomy Mays, Raymond and Roberts, Peter: B.R.M
Wainwright, A: Scottish Mountain Drawings: Volume One: The Northern Highlands Mallowan, Agatha Christie: Star Over Bethleham and Other Stories Lumley, Joanna: No Room for Secrets
Larkman, Brian: Metalwork Designs of Today A Templeton-Turner: The Fisherman of Smoo Cave and Other Poems Burns, Thomas: Flowers from Philosophy
P.O.Bodding: The Traditions and Institutions of the Santals. Horkoren Mare Hapramko reak` Katha Hetherington, Paul (ed): Artists in the 1990s. Their Education and Values Boulter, Bruce: Woodturning in Pictures
Wood, Mrs Henry: Anne Hereford Ronald G. Carraher: Artists in Spite of Art Catherine Cash: The Slipper Orchids
Edited By N. B. Marshall: Aspects of Marine Zoology. Symposia No. 19 Edited By J. Bronte - Gatenby and H. W. Beams: The Microtomist's Vade - Mecum Charles Oxnard: Form and Pattern In Human Evolution
Robert Aitchen: The Black Patch Pirates Jan Vladislav: Persian Fables Various Authors: Flowering Trees of the Caribbean
Michael Whelan: Wonderworks Jeffrey Stone: Illustrated Maps of Scotland William F. Van Wert: The Film Career of Alain Robbe - Grillet
Various: The Harrow Record 1996 Various: The Harrow Record 1997 Various: The Harrow Record 1998
Various: The Harrow Record 1999 Various: The Harrow Record 2000 Various: The Harrow Record 2001
Various Authors: Andre Kertesz Various: Current Affairs: British Painting and Sculpture in the 1980s Martin Fox and Elizabeth Reese: The Print Casebooks: The Best in Packaging
Various: Camera 1976, No. 9. Sun Pictures: The Work of William Henry Talbot Fox Various: Newcastle International Airport Official Handbook Blake: Pencil Drawings By William Blake
Edited By T. F. Roylnace: Engineering Design Various: Census 1971. England and Wales County Report: Yorks., North Riding, Part 1 Karl M. Wilbur and C. M. Yonge: Physiology of Mollusca. Vol. 1
Various Authors: Bruce Oldfield's Season with Georgina Howell Albert O. Halse: The Use of Color in Interiors Arthur P. Fraas and M. Necati Ozisik: Heat Exchanger Design
Louis A. Landa: Essays in 18th Century Literature Leni Riefenstahl: People of Kau Richard Preston: Pure Fuel
Jean - Luc Daval: Photography: History of an Art Various: Publications of the Dugdale Society Various: Publications of the Dugdale Society. XXIX
Various: Census 1971. England and Wales County Report Various: Sample Census 1966. England and Wales County Report Haynes, Bessie Doak and Haynes, Edgar: The Grizzly Bear. Portraits from Life
Massinger, Philip: A New Way to Pay Old Debts Lum, Peter: The Stars in Our Heaven. Myths and Fables D.H. Lawrence: Mornings In Mexico
C.A. Burland: The Arts Of the Alchemists K.G. Jayne: Vasco De Gama and His Successors Symposia Of The Society For Experimental Biology: Mitochondria And Other Cytoplasmic Inclusions
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