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Farmer, J. Bretland: Plant Life : Home University Library Lucas, E V: A Boswell of Baghdad, with Diversions Squire, J C: Life and Letters
Hewlett, Maurice: Rest Harrow ; A Comedy Of Resolution Cleary, Jon: Season of Doubt Beresford, J(ohn) D(avys): The Monkey Puzzle
Hillard, A E: A Continuous Narrative of the Life of Christ in the Words of the Four Gospels Haynes, Edmund Sidney Pollock: Early Victorian and other Papers Coleridge, Samuel Taylor; Dircks, Will H.(Ed.): Passages from the Prose and Table Talk of Coleridge : The Scott Library
Bottineau, Yves (trans by O.C. Warden): SPAIN Merriman, Henry Seton Psued (i.e. Hugh Stowall Scott): In Kedar's Tents Rowe, Henry Kalloch: Modern Pathfinders of Christianity
Edwards, Albert: A Man's World Merriman, Henry Seton Psued (i.e. Hugh Stowall Scott): The Velvet Glove Holmes, Oliver Wendell: The Autocrat of the Break-Fast Table; The Poet at the Break-Fast Table; & The Professor at the Break-Fast Table : 3 Vol Set
Browne, Reginald: School in Space Spender, J A: These Times Chapin, Anna Alice: Makers of Song
Grey, Zane: Raiders of the Spanish Peaks Milic, Louis T: Stylists on Style: A Handbook with Selections for Analysis Waskow, Arthur: These Holy Sparks: The Rebirth of the Jewish People
Shaw, Bernard: Everybody's Political What's What? Fyffe, C A; Green, John Richard (Ed): History of Greece Colvin, Sydney: Landor : English Men of Letters
Turgel, Gena: I Light a Candle Potok, Chaim: The Book of Lights Cairncross, A S: Modern Essays in Criticism
Pickering, James E: The Call of the Mountains Lee, Sidney: Great Englishmen of the Sixteenth Century : Nelson Library Megroz, R L (Rodolphe Louis): Personal Poems
Kaye-Smith, Sheila: The Tramping Methodist Rogers, Samuel: Poems By Samuel Rogers Buck, Mere: With Love
Forester, C.S: Lord Hornblower Chesterton, G K: The Popular Library of Art : G F Watts Sentjurc, Igor: Thou Shalt Not Kill
Lucas, E. V: Landmarks Fetler, John: Pikes Peak People: The Story of America's Most Popular Mountain Strong, Patience: Sunlit Byways
Adler, Jacques: The Jews of Paris & the Final Solution: Communal Response & Internal Conflicts, 1940-1944 Weidman, Jerome: Before You Go Benson, A C: Rambles and Reflections
Ridge, Pett W: The Happy Recruit Deland, Margaret: John Ward, Preacher Gollomb, Joseph: Crimes Of The Year
Laurie-Long, E: Flynn's Sampler Altman, Dennis: Coming Out in the Seventies Eddy, G. Sherwood [ed. by Basil Yeaxlee]: The Students of Asia
Mathews, Basil: The Riddle of Nearer Asia Bradley, Herbert Dennis: Adam and Eve Bradley, Herbert Dennis: The Natural State
Hueffer, Ford Madox [Ford Madox Ford]: Hans Holbein the Younger : A Critical Monograph Burn, Andrew Ewbank. Dean of Salisbury: The Nicene Creed Chaucer, Geoffrey; Skeat, Prof (Ed): The Legend of Good Women : By Goeffrey Chaucer Done Into Modern English By Professor Skeat
Wise, James Waterman: The Future of Israel Geikie, Archibald: Science Primers : Geology C S C (Calverley, Charles Stuart): Verses and Translations
Roberts, Sir Charles George Douglas: The Haunters of the Silences : A Book of Animal Stories Noke, Charles J; & Plant, Harold J: Pottery - Being a Simple Account of the History of Pottery and a Description of Some of the Processes Employed in Its Manufacture Synge, John M: The Tinker's Wedding, Riders To The Sea, The Shadow Of The Glen
Burke, Edmund: Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents. Together with Observations on a late Publication intitled ‘The Present State of the Nation' Black, William: Kilmeny Zangwill, Israel: Without Prejudice
Prado, Eduardo Barros: The Lure of the Amazon Jewett, Frances L;& McCausland, Clare L: Wilderness Treasure Lucas, E V: Old Lamps for New
LeMaitre, Jules: Their Majesties the Kings : Lotus Library Bain, F W: The Descent of the Sun : A Cycle of Birth Drinkwater, John: Olton Pools
Bain, F W: A Syrup of the Bees Boyle, Rev G D ( Earl of Clarendon ): Richard Baxter Watson, William: Poems By William Watson
Whitwell, Richard: The Cloud And The Fire McMillan, R: Origin of the World Sheehan, Canon: Early Essays and Lectures
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