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Abacus Bookshop Authors

Miner Robert G et al McCarthy Cormac Thomson Virgil
Utley Robert M Guest Diana Raymond Charmet Marion Pike&Jim Harrison Warren Robert Penn
Sarton May Oe Kenzaburo Reed Ishmael
Gronowicz A Martin John Rupert Bell D S&Eric Shaw
Matthews Brander Comstock Helen Lea Zilla Rider
Ford Colin Sunderland John Perucchi-Petri Ursala
Long Paul V NO AUTHOR Castleman Riva
Queant Olivier Finch Christopher Doty Robert
Dennett Roger H Adams William Howard Andersen Timothy J Eudorah M Moore&Robert W Winter
Torczyner Harry Descargues Pierre Aall Sally Sample&Nic Barlow
Brown Roderick Bridges Marilyn Chierico Osiris
Barre-Despond Arlette&Suzanne Tise Rheims Maurice Fulton Jack
Heyen William Gosnell Charles F Rivers Larry with Carol Brightman
Rubinstein Hilary L Francisco Timothy&Patricia Weaver Francisco Di Leo Joseph H
Mestrovic Ivan&Ernest H R Collings Beattie Ann Stern Gerald
Vestal David&Muriel Rukeyser Mahr Maria Salas Rafael M
Morris Willie Mosley Walter Adams Clinton
Seitz William C Tyler Parker Fleishman Avrom
Fye W Bruce Coffey Dairine Rhys Jean
Mondadori Giorgio&Associates Russell John O'Connor Garry
Basbanes Nicholas Minor Wendell Watkins Paul
Easton Malcolm&Michael Holroyd Manchester Whitworth Art Gallery Univ of Manchester Lochnan Katherine A et al
Bessie Alvah Adams Douglas Greenfeld Howard
Avilov Lydia Titon Jeff Todd Ingalls Rachel
Penn W S Straley John Oppe A P
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