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Hakluyt Society

The Hakluyt Society

Founded 1846

Publications in English of records, journals and charts of voyages, travels, naval expeditions and other geographical material distributed to members. Back issues of previous publications available. Back list and membership details.

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Some Franz Kafka links

Constructing Kafka (in English)

The Gutenberg Kafka Project (auf Deutsch)

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Sites consacrés à Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893) et à son oeuvre

Maupassant par les textes (
auch auf Deutsch)

Maupassant - un homme énigmatique


Renaissance Dante in print (1472 - 1629)
Renaissance editions of Dante's Divine Comedy.

Duecento: la poesia italiana dalle origini a Dante

Il Duecento è un archivio che raccoglie testi della poesia italiana antica, del periodo che va dalle origini fino a Dante.
Dante Alighieri

History of Discoveries

Society for the History of Discoveries

The scope of the Society's activities encompasses the discovery, exploration, and mapping of the earth's land and sea surface from earliest times to the present - the explorers and the explored. Prize essay competition. Membership details.


Some Nabokov links

Zembla - International Vladimir Nabokov Society site

Vladimir Nabokov - the Russian site

Ardis Books' Nabokov photo archive

Tinturn Abbey

Literary Locales

Picture links to the places that figure in the lives and writings of famous authors.

Sponsored by San Jose State University Department of English.

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