Anonymous: The New Colophon : A Book Collectors' Quarterly

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Anonymous : The New Colophon : A Book Collectors' Quarterly

Duschnes Crwford, Inc., New York, New York, 1948

8 volumes; bound in illustrated boards; published during 1948-1950. [2,500 copies] Volume I, Part I: 106 pages; facsimiles - articles include James D. Hart "A Puritan Bookshelf", Jacob Blanck "Where There's a Will . . . ". Part II: Pages 113- 216, facsimiles - articles include Ames W. Williams "Stephen Crane, War Correspondent", John Carter "Reflections on Rarity". Part III: 221-312, facsimiles - articles include David Donald "The True Story of 'Herndon's Lincoln'", Michael Sadleir "An Addendum to 'Enemies of Books'". Part IV: 321-427, facsimiles, index - articles include Boyd Stutler "John Brown: His Hand and Pen", James Wood "Mr. Thoreau Writes a Book", Barrows Mussey "The Pinchpenny Bibliophile". Volume II, Part V: 104 pages, facsimiles - articles include Stephen V. Benet "Epic of an American Theme", Oscar Lewis "Grabhornana", Carl I. Wheat "The Literature of the Gold Rush", Vincent Starrett "Firsts, In A Manner of Speaking". Part VI: 107-188, facsimiles - articles include Christopher Morley "On Belonging to Clubs", Alfred A. Knopf "On Making A Few Books", A. Hyatt Mayor "The First Famous Print". Part VII: 195-303, facsimiles - articles include George Seibel "Willa Cather from Nebraska", Harry Duncan "The Cumminton Press", Stuart Gilbert "The Wanderings of 'Ulysses'". Part VIII: 311-406, facsimiles, index - articles include John Bakeless "The Uses of Collecting", John Francis McDermott "Treasure Hunt", R.W. Chapman "Manuscript-Hunting in Two Continents". This volume has a flyer announcing a planned volume three that was never issued. Many of the volumes have order form envelopes for the New Colophon.. Book. Book Condition: Collectible-Fine. Binding: Hardcover

First Edition

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