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If you have already made some progress in reading or speaking French, German, Spanish or Italian, we have a great way for you to improve and maintain your oral and reading comprehension . . .

• You can use "Champs-Elysées", "Schau ins Land", "Puerta Sol", and "Acquerello Italiano" to stay in touch with your favorite languages and cultures.

• Each audiomagazine is an hour-long programme on audio cassette or CD consisting of news, features and interviews, produced in Europe by professional broadcasters and journalists. 

• A booklet containing a word-for-word transcript and an extensive glossary accompanies the audio component. In addition to translations of difficult words and phrases, the glossaries contain copious biographical, historical, political and cultural notes

• An optional study supplement with listening exercises and grammar drills is also available with each issue.

Every subscription comes with a money-back guarantee. If it’s not for you, let Champs-Elysées know within 30 days and your money will be refunded and you can keep your first issue.

Click your favorite language to learn more . . . 
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On-going language learning in a cultural context.

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